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  • I want to make sure my home is energy efficient. How do I get started?
    LEAP provides home energy assessments to help homeowners create clear roadmaps for how to make their homes more comfortable and energy-efficient. ​ Want to do more? Join the Charlottesville Climate Collaborative’s home energy challenge to reduce your impact, save money, and create a cleaner, healthier future!
  • I’m interested in installing solar on my home. Where can I learn more?
    Check out LEAP's Solarize program to get a free solar assessment. ​ Consider reaching out to our member companies Sigora Solar, Sunday Solar, or SunTribe. ​ Learn more about permitting, tax credits, and financial assistance programs here.
  • Are there tax credits available if I install solar on my home?
    The City of Charlottesville offers a tax credit for property owners who install a solar energy system (Solar PV and/or Solar Thermal).
  • How can I start composting in Charlottesville?
    Rivanna Solid Waste Authority has a food waste composting program at McIntire Recycling Center and Ivy MUC. Compostable food waste from households is accepted in compostable bags; complimentary bags are offered to users of this program at the McIntire or Ivy MUC composting kiosks. Learn more about how to compost, as well as what you can and can’t compost here. For more information on residential composting pick-up, check out Black Bear Composting to learn more about their collection services and rates.
  • How can I support the transition to a more sustainable transportation infrastructure?
    You can support this transition by starting to bike, walk, and use public transit, as well as by carpooling and driving vehicles with lower or zero emissions. These actions will support a healthier community. A number of great bike and pedestrian paths already exist in Albemarle County. Local public transit is provided by three bus systems: Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT), JAUNT, University Transit Service (UTS).
  • I want to support local, sustainable agriculture. How do I get started?
    Check out the weekly farmers' markets happening in our area: Albemarle Farmers' Markets, Charlottesville City Market, Farmers in the Park, Key's Corner Indoor Market (winter only), and Buy Fresh Buy Local.
  • Are there any volunteer opportunities focused on environmental practices?
    There are several volunteer programs offered by the Rivanna Conservation Alliance and the Nature Conservancy.
  • I'm a student and I want to do more! What kind of opportunities can I pursue outside of the campus relating to sustainability?
    The volunteer programs mentioned above are great ways to get started. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on events and other opportunities in the area. CvilleREA also offers a student membership option for those who are interested in learning more about the renewable energy sector in Charlottesville. With this membership, students can attend informational panels and learning lunches, join a committee, and collaborate with Charlottesville City and Albemarle County to advocate for the growth of the local renewable energy economy. For more information about the membership, vist our contact us page. For more info on internships, check out our jobs board.
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