Mini Management Overview

Leaders generally want to be effective and well-liked. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to be both. Particularly in organizations where internal politics are rife, how can leaders navigate this trade-off?

This will be a “crash course” in the state-of-the-art concepts taught in management and leadership courses at leading business schools. We will discuss best management practices, particularly through the lens of navigating internal organizational politics and managing interpersonal conflict.

This content of this course comes from research currently being conducted by scientists in social psychology and organizational behavior. Because the lessons and recommendations are based on quantitative, empirical data, its approach to leadership is distinct from many of the popular press books on management published by business leaders.

During the course, there will be an opportunity to actually work in a team and to debrief that experience. Through this experiential approach to learning, we will focus on what’s been called “the knowing-doing gap” – why smart people who know what makes a good manager don’t put those behaviors into practice, and how they can do so.


Organizations are comprised of individuals who must work together to achieve a goal. How do you get people to pull together when each person might have his/her own ‘agenda’ or way of doing things? Using a simulation, we will discuss the ways in which people can effectively manage and lead others. In this short experiential course, we will cover:

  • How to build, structure, and lead a group or team

  • Dealing with internal politics and conflict


Ideas tend to stick when people have the opportunity to process them. By actively participating in simulations of challenging organizational situations, participants will be given the chance to more deeply process ideas related to effective management practices. During the discussion and debrief of the simulation, participants will have an opportunity to speak about their experience and learn from one another as well as from the instructor.


Who should attend?

This session is designed to provide value for both early career and seasoned professionals.  Whether you lead a team or a division, manage people, or plan to pursue a management position, this course is applicable to all. Because it will include an overview of cutting-edge, state of the art research, it is suitable both as a refresher course and as an introduction to understanding leadership.

I see this is a part of larger series, can I attend just one?

Yes. While the whole series provides a well-rounded approach, each session is designed to be self-contained.

How much does this session cost?

This session costs $500 per person. CvilleREA members and sponsors receive a discount of $150 per person per session. Participants who register for more than one session in the series receive $100 off each session. Companies sending more than one person to the same session receive $100 off each registration. Discount offers may not be combined.

Why should I send my employees to these sessions?

The greatest asset of any clean energy company is its employees. By investing in your company’s leadership, you are generating more value from each employee and creating a more favorable work environment which leads to competitive advantage and retaining and recruiting talent. 

Who is the facilitator?

Gabrielle Adams is a professor at the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy at the University of Virginia (with a courtesy appointment in Social Psychology). She teaches evidence-based approaches to management and leadership that are grounded in quantitative social science data (organizational behavior and social psychology). Prior to UVA, she held academic appointments at London Business School and Harvard University. She conducts research on conflict resolution and interpersonal dynamics. Her TEDx talk was featured as TED’s favorite talk of the week, and she was also named as one of the Best 40 Business School Professors Under 40 by Poets and Quants. She earned a BA from Colby College and a PhD from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Where is the session held?

All sessions will be held in Charlottesville, Virginia at the Building Goodness Foundation.

Who is CvilleREA?

The Charlottesville Renewable Energy Alliance is an association of Charlottesville-based clean energy companies whose mission is to establish Charlottesville as the renewable energy hub of the Southeast. CvilleREA member companies work in a variety of sectors such as wind, solar, demand response, and energy efficiency. Our companies have invested over $6.5 billion in clean energy development and employ nearly 300 people.

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