What are some of the challenges that people face when negotiating with others? In this afternoon course, we’ll talk about how to structure and plan for the typical types of negotiations that managers face. We’ll discuss ways to help you create and claim more value, how to strategically approach a negotiation, and how your tactics might differ based on the type of negotiation. This is an experiential course that will involve participating in simulated negotiations. We will focus on both creating and claiming value.


  • Types of negotiations

  • Claiming value

  • Creating value

  • Bargaining zones and BATNAs

  • Should I be the person who makes the first offer?



Ideas tend to stick when people have the opportunity to process them. By actively participating in simulations of challenging negotiations, participants will be given the chance to more deeply process ideas related to effective management practices. During the discussion and debrief of the simulation, participants will have an opportunity to speak about their experience and learn from one another as well as from the instructor.



The cost for this session is $150.

Who should attend?

Almost any interpersonal interaction – with anyone – is a negotiation. Therefore, this course is suitable for anyone who interacts with other people, in any capacity! This session is designed to provide value for both early career and seasoned professionals.  Whether you lead a team or a division, manage people, or plan to pursue a management position, this course is applicable to all.


This event is on January 30th from 1-5pm and will be hosted by Apex Clean Energy at 501 Locust Ave., Charlottesville, VA 22902.

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