CvilleREA shows support for the Virginia Clean Economy Act

The Charlottesville Renewable Energy Alliance (CvilleREA) is proud to show our support for House Bill 1526, the Virginia Clean Economy Act.

CvilleREA is a clean energy business association which was founded to enable the growth and success of the local renewable energy industry. Our eight member companies work across the industry, including wind, solar, battery storage, demand response, and energy efficiency. Our members have invested over $6.5 billion in clean energy development and employ over 400 people in the Charlottesville area. This is a thriving local industry that continues to grow.

We believe the Virginia Clean Economy Act is a significant step forward for the Commonwealth’s energy future, and represents the most ambitious piece of climate legislation in the General Assembly’s history. It will establish a clear path forward to get Virginia to 100 percent clean energy by 2050. It achieves these goals by ensuring that Virginia’s clean energy future will be built on a foundation of Virginia clean energy; 75 percent of the renewable energy credits required from the Renewable Portfolio Standard must be sourced from Commonwealth-based clean projects. It will also establish tough energy efficiency standards that Virginia’s utilities will be forced to meet, setting binding savings targets, and driving costs down for consumers.

Perhaps most importantly, the Virginia Clean Economy Act will create jobs for citizens throughout the Commonwealth, and remove current regulatory barriers which keep consumers, businesses, and public sector entities from embracing renewable energy. In addition to creating tens of thousands of jobs and pouring tens of billions of dollars in net benefits into the state, it will allow companies like ours to continue to build a clean energy market and provide our local employees with good-paying, family-supporting jobs. We have invested significantly in Charlottesville and have made it a hub of the renewable industry in our area; passing this bill will enable us to do even more within our community.

As Charlottesville-based clean energy companies, our position is clear: a vote for the Virginia Clean Economy Act is a vote for an industry that is employing large numbers of residents of Charlottesville and Albemarle County, while building a brighter, more sustainable future for all Virginians. Many of our member companies have been involved in crafting this legislation from day one, and believe in its potential.

CvilleREA strongly encourages the adoption of HB1526 to pass the Virginia Clean Economy Act and create the Commonwealth’s first Clean Energy Standard.

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