Richmond energy lawyers resolve six cases to allow rooftop solar in Virginia HOAs

7.28.20 | ReisingerGooch PLC, a Richmond-based energy law firm, recently helped support the installation of rooftop solar on six Virginia homes within various homeowners’ associations. The HOAs initially denied homeowners the ability to install solar panels before efforts were made by clean energy-focused homeowners and legal advocates to challenge existing regulations.

These successes for Virginia homeowners were augmented by the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) and Charlottesville Renewable Energy Alliance (CvilleREA). Katie VanLangen, Executive Director of CvilleREA, comments:

“These wins set a precedent for solar access and will make HOAs think twice before unnecessarily blocking homeowner installations. Many local homeowners are eager to make the switch to renewable energy, and we are glad we can make that process easier for them.”

Matt Gooch, lead attorney in the battle with HOAs, comments:

“Many HOA boards simply did not appreciate that there was a powerful state statute limiting their authority to restrict solar. It’s gratifying to see solar on these homes now.”

Read the full press release by LEAP here

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