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 Building a Clean   Energy Future 

Who We Are

CvilleREA is an association of Charlottesville-based clean energy companies whose mission is to enable the growth and success of the local renewable energy industry through collaboration, community, and economic development.

What We Offer


CvilleREA supports the growth of the renewable energy economy by sharing local industry expertise with all members of the renewable energy industry.


Through panels, learning lunches, and professional development sessions we share information about best practices, new technology developments, local policy solutions, and help our community make connections.

Policy and Advocacy

We collaborate with Charlottesville City and Albemarle County to advocate for the growth of the local renewable energy economy and support the community’s transition to sustainable energy practices.


Through committees, events, and community engagement, our members gain access to a group of individuals and companies committed to growing and strengthening the renewable energy economy in Charlottesville.

Engage With Us

Company Membership

Join leading renewable energy companies in Charlottesville.


Support us in our mission to grow renewable energy in our city.


We’re hiring! Take your career to the next level with a local renewables company.

Member Companies
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Meet The Team

Kara West
Executive Director


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Sarah Nerette
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Director

Sigora Solar

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Madeleine Ray

Environmental Permitting Specialist

Apex Clean Energy

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Rich Allevi
VP of Development

Sun Tribe

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Drew Price
Managing Director

Hexagon Energy

Melissa Peterson