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Sun Tribe
Utility-Scale Solar Energy, Commercial Solar Energy

With nearly 80 employees, over 100 projects completed or under development, and an award-winning track record of innovation and implementation, Sun Tribe is one of the fastest growing clean energy companies in the Mid-Atlantic United States. Thanks to an experienced, in-house team of development, engineering, financial, regulatory, procurement, and construction experts, Sun Tribe serves as a comprehensive energy advisory and delivery company for our client-partners. Whether building the first solar array to sit on an abandoned coal mine in Virginia’s history, powering the first 100 percent solar school district east of the Mississippi, installing solar on flagship state government buildings, or working with Fortune 200 companies to help meet their sustainability goals, Sun Tribe specializes in creating a brighter energy future through long-lasting, sustainable partnerships. Sun Tribe is home to two thriving companies: Sun Tribe Solar (on-site solutions) and Sun Tribe Development(utility-scale solutions). Sun Tribe is headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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